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I always thought it was a strange profession but apparently there are actual Ph Ds in this field. She used our tapes for research (of course she blurred everything and changed the names of her "subjects").

Mom even had a team of surrogates that she'd recommend to certain people with different sexual complications (always joked that she was running a legal brothel). She now believes it is a rite of passage for every young man, even finding ancient things backing her finds.

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You don't have to pay attention." I rolled my eyes, "alright." "Ok. It was almost touching but I had to advise against it." I thought for a second, "are they hurting anybody? "Mmmm mommy likes her big boy there," she said, "this time your making mommy feel good." I started to move my hips, knowing that any second I might release. She started to lick my neck and I could feel her womanhood squeeze on my penis.

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