Accordingly, the car was the first to be built in very large numbers on an assembly line, rather than each example being put together individually (a much more time-consuming and labour-intensive process).

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They came from every state in Australia and even from overseas to take part and it’s not at all surprising to see so many of the cars still happily chugging along the road today.

“Did you know that there were 15.5 million of these cars produced between 19, that’s more cars than GMH in Australia has produced in its history of manufacturing in this country,” said Phil from Portland, a visitor with his wife Carmelita and their 1915 Tourer, its chassis produced in Canada and body built in Australia.

When you are issued a patent for an invention, the patent is good for many years and never changes.

The Sunbeam Radiant Control toasters contain a number of patented inventions but none later than the 50's.

It’s one of the most memorable automobiles ever conceived, and in the history of motoring is certainly one of the most important.

While this article is primarily about driving a Model T, before I investigate that aspect it’s worth looking at a few historical aspects of this amazing machine.

“They imported the chassis from Canada, in flatpacks and added whatever body they wanted over here, many of them built in Adelaide.” What Allan Bennett doesn’t know about Model Ts doesn’t matter after owning 14 and restoring eight, starting out when he was only 14 years old.

He now owns seven including a 1912 Haigh’s Chocolate van which joined the throng on the way to Coal Creek.

This widely popular, mass-produced vehicle, seen in the image below, incorporated the latest technology into a simple, relatively inexpensive, durable body.