This is consistent with the Xbox Play Anywhere strategy that Microsoft announced at E3 last year, which allows players to use their games on either Windows or Xbox with a single purchase.Over on Time, executive producer Jesse Merriam described a key benefit of the unification of Minecraft for console players.

The "Better Together" update was announced at last night's Xbox E3 press conference, but it was arguably given less emphasis than the importance of the news genuinely merits.

In a post on the Minecraft website, Mojang said that cross-platform integration has been a longstanding goal - "essentially making a version of Minecraft that's consistent no matter what device you're choosing to play on."From now on, the only version of the game that will have a subtitle is the original PC version, which will now be called "Minecraft: Java Edition." The Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile and VR versions - all of which have a C codebase - will simply be called "Minecraft." The Xbox 360 and Wii U versions are not part of the unification, but they will continue to be supported."Anyone playing the game on Windows 10, i OS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and VR devices will be able to play online together," Mojang said.

Wes put the issue directly to Play Station global sales and marketing boss Jim Ryan to get an answer. Sony's not keen on cross-play, and it doesn't look like it will change its mind any time soon.

"We've got to be mindful of our responsibility to our install base," Ryan told Eurogamer.

Going by the latest post on Minecraft's official blog, it sounds like the game's last major update on consoles before the game-changing Better Together Update lands later this summer.

That's the update which will unify Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile, VR and Windows 10 editions of the game into a single entity where everyone can play together.

New in Minecraft on Play Station, Nintendo and Xbox platforms right now are: Two paid-for packs join the free additions above - a fresh collection of tracks for the Glide mini-game, and a new skin pack featuring designs which let you play as animal-themed teams in competitive play.

Play Station's decision to opt its players out of Minecraft (and Rocket League) cross-network play generated a storm of controversy back at E3.

A lot of bug fixes and important additions will hit the popular sandbox video game as well as some extra achievements for both Survival and Tumble game modes.

Your Xbox 360 or Xbox One devices should automatically download the content update and not only will it prove to be a great one but it also features a whole lot of improvements and features which will only make the hit game even more popular among users.

According to 4J Studios, the update is still weeks, possibly over a month away.4J says that it’ll be weeks before the game update is ready for the certification process.“Lots of people asking about TU14! A few weeks to go before it’s ready for Cert testing,” reads the company’s Twitter Feed.