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I had enchilada’s supreme— 4 enchilada’s, each with a different filling: one beef, chicken, cheese, and bean topped with enchilada sauce and melted cheese.

It was yummy, but I only ate about 2/3 because I had filled up on chips and salsa.

My BF went with the street taco’s and fared a little better on his calorie count, but not by much!

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Since it was a warm Summer night I wanted to wear a long and flowing maxi-dress. Although it was a warm Summer evening, we would be spending most of our time indoors–at the restaurant and then in the air-conditioned movie theater, so I had to grab a cardigan to throw over so I wouldn’t be freezing.

Plus, I had planned to wear it to the family reunion that we didn’t end up attending. Dinner was great, until I logged it into myfitnesspal. But, we munched on chips and salsa and enjoyed fruity sangria while our food was being prepared.

I’ve been working on a big surprise for you, but it hasn’t been going as swimmingly as I had hoped.

So, there is a reason why this post is going up so much after the fact.

Once I get all of the kinks out, I’ll be sure to share the surprise with you!