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Livewebcam x-86

The Gerlach water tower is on the right and Bruno’s is across the street.

If you had x-ray vision and a good telescope, you’d be able to see where Black Rock City rises from the dust every year.

This means that the working depth of those inside the laboratory is about 50 feet deep.

Located inside the 81–ton, 43 x 20 x 16.5–foot underwater laboratory are all the comforts of home: six bunks, a shower and toilet, instant hot water, a microwave, trash compactor, a refrigerator, air conditioning and even computers linked back to shore by wireless telemetry!

(Please note: this camera is maintained by one hard-working Burning Man staffer living in Gerlach, who not only supports Burning Man’s tech needs there, but also supports Gerlach residents with the Wi Fi service we provide for them year-round.

Given the demands on his time, it may take a while to get the camera back up and running when it goes down, which it does occasionally.

Presently, Aquarius is located in a sand patch adjacent to deep coral reefs in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, at a depth of 63 feet.

The laboratory is attached to a baseplate that positions the underwater habitat (underwater laboratories are also called habitats) about 13 feet off the bottom.

Also they may be confirmed be a many-to-many or one-to-many chat room.

You may configure the chat room to require a password to enter.

It seems like the sketch doesn't even go through the for-loops where I am trying to change the pixels because it doesn't print out any of the statements except the end draw at the end of draw(). Testing out my algorithm with an array of numbers, it seems like using an inner for loop isn't working like how I thought it should.