Robert Pattinson was supposed to present at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday.

Quand on regarde ses précédentes relations sentimentales, on se rend compte que l'ancienne star de la saga Twilight a du mal à être droite dans ses bottes.

Que ce soit Robert Pattinson, Soko ou encore Alicia Cargile, ces personnalités ont toutes étaient dupées par Kristen Stewart.

Eh oui, c'était le coup de foudre entre les interprètes de Bella Swan et d'Edward Cullen jusqu'au moment fatidique.

En 2012, Kristen Stewart est surprise avec le réalisateur de Blanche-Neige et Le Chasseur, Rupert Sanders. En 2015, alors que Kristen Stewart et Alicia Cargile passent beaucoup de temps ensemble, la star se rapproche dangereusement du mannequin français Agathe Mougin. Les deux actrices n'ont pas fait long feu puisque la star californienne est retournée avec son ex, Alicia Cargile il y a quelques mois de cela.

Kristen Stewart shot to stardom with Twilight, but she has been a dependable daughter and sister co-star for years. She also has The Yellow Handkerchief, playing a stranger who helps an ex-con hitchhiker (William Hurt) reunite with his wife, and Welcome to the Rileys, as a street kid/prostitute who falls into the care of surrogate parents (James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo) whose own child has died. Later this year, she'll start The Runaways, about punk rockers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning, also in New Moon), who as teens played the Sunset Strip in an all-girl band.

Jodie Foster was her mom in Panic Room, and she played the snarling older sister in the sci-fi comedy Zathura and the pretty trailer-park girl in Into the Wild. Says Stewart: "None of these rocker guys want these girls to be up there playing music. They get beer bottles thrown at their heads, and they're really bad-ass chicks." By Anthony Breznican You could leave home, disappear from the radar, have different circles of friends, and spend that hidden time figuring out who you are.Her real reason for calling 9-1-1 was that a senior student at the party, Andy Evans (Eric Lively), raped her, but while on the phone, she was unable to talk to the police about what happened, and when the police arrived, she did not report the rape and went home instead.The party was crashed, causing mayhem and everyone to flee from the police.Twi-hard losers seem pretty keen on the Open Mouthed One. As for Rob, well, having bailed on the fangirls and the screaming, he was free to enjoy Juno Fest on Saturday and I’m told he enjoyed a low key chill night at one of the afterparties, At least he tried. Am told RP was approached repeatedly, some girls doing the usual super loser twi-hard gushy flappy arms thing and others trying to front like they were too cool to obsess over a movie hunk and starting up a conversation with him anyway, because he can totally tell between super loser twi-hard hysterics and closet super loser twi-hard hystericsd. Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart was joined by her BF Michael Angarano and her BFF Nikki Reed on Sunday. Interestingly enough, a short while after their meal, Nikki was spotted heading over to Rob’s. Has anyone broken up with you, and you know that it's coming?