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Therefore, in order to provide researchers access to the material while preventing unauthorized duplication and distribution of the recordings, we restrict access to in-library use only.

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A little bit more about this beautiful couple: How did you meet?

We’ve known each other for about ten years before we started dating.

On a recent girls-night-out (yes guys, we have those and yes, we talk about you), my close friend, who we’ll call K, was reporting back from a first date with a guy who, before this date, seemed to have a lot of promise.

Besides him being cute and having an interesting job, K and this guy had hit it off upon meeting through friends at a bar.

I also like "American Soldier" by Toby Keith, but that song is reserved only for those days when I need a good cleansing cry.

Thanks to my mil spouse friends and fans on Facebook and my Twitter cohorts, I've compiled a pretty good list of favorite deployment songs.The Crocodile Café Collection contains over 3000 hours of live music recordings.Recorded at the Café between 20 by audio engineer Jim Anderson, these recordings document performances by dozens of artists, notable and obscure.A special thanks to Christina over at Married to a Sailor: The Journey of a Navy Wife for sharing the "short" version of her deployment playlist.(Keep an eye out for her future blog post of deployment songs, which will be MUCH longer than mine!OK, hell, anything with any kind of mixer other than Coke (and I mean regular coke, not diet), then it’s probably not going to work out.