Sumpter’s credits include “Peter Pan” and “Soul Surfer.” Tonkin has appeared on “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” and Koch starred in “The Lives of Other.” Gillespie directed “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Sumpter is represented by Innovative Artists.Tonkin is repped by ICM Partners as well as Management 360. He is sweet, although a little nerdy, and obedient. Vince says to Coach Taylor, "He's pretty arrogant, isn't he?

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I spend most of my time crying over how much Peter & Wendy loved each other, but sometimes I make things too.

I love talking about anything Peter Pan related, so come talk to me! “I was an experienced kisser, so I was going like (pouting lips), yeah!

He also starred on Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, The Sasquatch Gang, CSI: Miami, Calvin Marshall, You're So Cupid, Soul Surfer and Death and Cremation.

Wendy Darling, who fell in love with Peter Pan, was played by Rachel Hurd-Wood from Streatham, South London, left, who hasn't changed too much since the 2003 film.

“This movie is the first that has been based on the book, Peter Pan, and I had to play it like the kid who plays Peter Pan in the book so, I had to be like Peter Pan.

I studied the illustrations on how Peter Pan stands and the way he acts and stuff.” And for the flying and stunt work involved. Being dangled by the wires is amazing but yeah, it was hard work.She is now aged 25, right, and has gone on to land more major roles in movies and even a cameo in a music video After landing a lead role in 2009 Australian action-adventure film, Tomorrow, When the War Began, which became the highest grossing movie for that year in Australia, she decided to drop her studies to focus on acting.I'm Divya, Peter Pan ruined my life and I'm still not over it. When his friend and teammate Luke is transferred to East Dillon, JD and his cronies still hang out with Luke, but Luke gets sick of JD's arrogance and starts calling him JD Mc Dick. is named Texas High School Quarterback of the year for his efforts. He stated that he was kidding, but at a party later, JD hits on Julie, and when Julie rebuffs, he picks her up to throw her in the pool. JD tells Matt that he sucks, that Coach should have never taken him out, and that the only reason he played Saracen in the second half was because Coach felt sorry for him.” The playful Sumpter did give straight answers as well. Peter Pan was my idol when I was a little kid and I always wanted to be him when I got older. And then I woke up, running around the house screaming and I nearly fell over because I was really, really tired and half asleep.