“Mum kept assuring me, ‘No, I can hear fine.’ And I kind of just took her word for it,” Arden says.

But a year and a half ago, at the urging of her mother’s hired caregivers, Arden took her mum to get her hearing checked.

Part of this is that she’s been able to share her challenges in life online, with Facebook posts that have been read by millions around the world.

"To this day I don't know why they thought I could act and sing in a play," she writes in her memoir, Falling Backwards.

"Whatever it was those two teachers saw in me, I will never know."The play went rather well on that little stage - Arden's teacher in the wings feeding her the lines she had forgotten and her parents sitting proudly in the audience.

Joan was immediately fitted for hearing aids, which her daughter says, have been life-changing. Now, her mother is hearing things she hasn’t heard in years -- the sound of a clock ticking on the wall, the chirping of birds.

Jann Arden has had a tough year—her father passed away in August and her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly thereafter—but the 53-year-old singer-songwriter and author is in remarkably good spirits.

I can't think of a SINGLE artist who hasn't BUTCHERED someone else's song. and, hey, I may even end up liking the music as well.

The ensuing antics turn out to be entertaining (and pretty much sums up my first experience a few years ago—sadly, not much has changed for me on return visits).

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It wasn’t like her, but Arden assumed her mother’s withdrawal was all part of the dementia she’d been suffering from for years.

“We just kept attributing everything to Alzheimer’s,” Arden told in an interview.

Those tests revealed the elder Arden was 70 per cent deaf in both ears.