Appreciate your help Typically, if a dependant object has been altered, it will invalidate the stored procedure. SQL which invalidates *all* object in the database, then it calls UTLRP.

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In Oracle 7 (And maybe in 8) a procedure could go "INVALID" if it wasn't accessed for a while. A stored procedure becomes invalid typically when a referenced object is altered or becomes invalid. So yes, there is an overhead with this combination, but it has its purpose: it is ment to use after database migration where all objects should be recompiled.

Here is a script to find out how procedures are invalid and to recompile them automatically. Thanks so much for clarifying, I would NEVER have guessed there were two DIFFERENT scripts and !!

Any modification to the file(s) will invalidate the digital signature and allow an end user to be aware that the package has changed since its signing.

As a security measure, some customers configure their Windows clients to prevent the installation of packages with missing or invalid digital signatures.

Updated: 1/29/2014 The Identity Finder client for Windows setup executable is digitally signed using a code signing certificate to allow customers to verify that the package is genuine and has been officially published by Identity Finder.

If the Windows installer package file (.msi) is extracted from the setup executable and edited, the digital signature will be invalidated.

Dispatcher Flush Rules work from AEM 5.6 Publish Servers as well.

Simple configure your Dispatcher Flush Agents on Publish to issue “On Trigger”.

The following function computes Fibonacci numbers and illustrates the usefulness of memoization.