Each of those reasons was couched within a slight to black men, as if the only reason black women date other races is because of perceived deficiencies in black men.

As someone whose husband is not black, I can tell you that at least in my case (and most people I know), this is completely untrue.

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They may experience opposition and resistance from family, community, and even strangers, yet many find ways to overcome these obstacles.

When Arlene, a Filipino-Canadian woman, and Kay, a Tamil-Canadian man, entered into a relationship, they understood it would not be easy being an interracial couple.

In that time friends, family, acquaintances and nosey strangers have asked me a multitude of questions about my decision to marry a white guy.

Here are a few of the tamer questions and my responses.

7) What types of activities would you do if you were interracially married?

8) If you were interracially married, what city or country would you move to?Recently Statistic Canada reported that 4% of all relationships are interracial.In Canada, most of these couples are Canadian-born (as opposed to foreign-born).1) Do you find girls/guys from different races attractive? 2) Would you date/marry a man/woman from another race?3) Would you have bi-racial children with with him/her?Even today in 2010, there are a lot of misconceptions about interracial dating/relationships.