so you cant but any new games.i paid 3x the price on here so not happy it back twice as the software was faulty and the patch that you have to download on to a memory card didn't work.

Dont buy i got this in Nov last year never as worked as website was Hacked wont download software .

store wont exchange Vtech wont help as they discontunued it so they dont care ..

However, there's no free lunch when it comes to auto-updating.

Inno Setup will upgrade my app from build to build when I run a new setup over the top of an old one.

Inside the files is a simple version string like = new Http Client();string version String = await http. Product Version); if (latest Version Sponsor: Big thanks to Red Gate for sponsoring the blog feed this week.

Alright, guys, that’s the 3rd and last part of our Distributing Python Apps for Windows Desktops series.

When I removed this element maven was able to successfully package the product.

My suspicion from reading blogs is that this was a workaround for javafx 2 and is not required for java 8. The second problem is that ANT is throwing an exception when iscc attempts to create an executable.

Tom, I agree that if maven can resolve the extra files (which I couldn't get it to do) that it doesn't cause.