Keeping it simple, Rosie announced the happy news of her first child on the way using the evidence itself.

Baring all for her fans to see, Rosie took to the beach in her bikini to proudly should off her baby bump.

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Last night I — and perhaps you too — encountered a wabi-sabi rumor.

I didn’t think the rumor was true, but it was so deliciously satisfying that I could not look away. It was wabi-sabi, perfectly imperfect, wildly lopsided, and yet, somehow, balanced enough to stand.

Things that are wabi-sabi are not perfect, but they feel perfect.

Looking at them fills you with serenity — wabi-sabi is when everything is right, including things that are wrong, because they too are essential to the whole.

They feel right, even when you know they aren’t, and so they take on the force of legend.

Examples include Richard Gere’s gerbil, Catherine the Great’s horse, and Taylor Swift’s immortal life as a Satanic priestess.

All she did say in one snap of Jason on the red carpet was: "Last night with my loves attending the Vanity Fair." Of course, a baby shower for this blonde model was going to be nothing short of beautiful.

In photos that have emerged on a fan Instagram profile, Rosie cradled her bump in a beautiful yellow satin dress that sat on the shoulders.

It was masterpiece of evocative specificity, a glorious symphony of sordid particulars. It was the tale of Donald Trump’s Russian prostitute pee party.