RELATED | What It’s Like to Be Gay and Married in Taiwan The announcement of the court ruling date follows the recent viral video of a gay marriage proposal between Hsieh Cheng Lung and his partner of seven years.You can watch their subtitled proposal video below: The May 24 court decision could help bring marriage equality much more quickly than the long, ongoing parliamentary battle that has been happening for over a decade.Routine American Citizen Services appointments are available online. The United States maintains unofficial relations with the people on Taiwan through the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), a private nonprofit corporation, which performs U. citizen and consular services similar to those at embassies. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days or plan to work or join family, you need a Taiwan visa prior to traveling. See our website for information on dual nationality or the prevention of international child abduction. Potential for Civil Disturbances: Taiwan enjoys a vibrant democracy, and spontaneous and planned demonstrations occur.

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The ruling follows years of campaigning for same-sex marriage by local LGBTQ advocates as well as opposition by homophobic Christians who have sought to associate same-sex marriage with incest, bestiality and AIDS.

The court case originated from Chi Chia-wei, a veteran gay activist whose 2013 attempt to register a marriage with his partner in Taipei were rejected.

Though Taiwan is one of the most pro-LGBTQ Asian countries — its military allows openly lesbian and gay service members — it has no laws allowing same-sex couples to adopt or blood donations by men who have sex with men.

All the same, several special counties and municipalities in Taiwan offer a registry for same-sex couples that provides a few limited local benefits.

Taiwan has become the first one that allows same-sex marriage, does that mean China has become the first Asian country that allows same-sex marriage?

” wrote ( link in Chinese) one person on Weibo, while another commented (link in Chinese), “[We] congratulate that Taiwan Province has become the first of its kind to legalize same-sex [marriage].” (The Taiwan ruling doesn’t exactly allow same-sex marriages to take place right away—instead the government must amend the laws to make it possible within two years.) Claiming Taiwan’s progress on gay rights as its own would certainly make China look better on this issue.

shall be equal before the law.”If the court rules in favor of Chia-wei, the parliament will have to amend Taiwan’s laws and offer legal protection to same-sex couples, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.