Officials estimate that when a pedestrian is hit, 75 percent of the time the pedestrian is at fault. (Middle aged man)Anyone who's been in a major city has experienced the aggressive attitude of many drivers toward people on foot. Of course they cross all over the road as if it's a walkway or a mall instead of a street with cars passing through. I disapprove of their taking the right to block me. This happens everyday, so I have experience dealing with them. Drivers justify their road rage against pedestrians by accusing them in their minds of walking too slow, as if they didn't care that they're blocking the vehicle's progress.

Safety experts point to these common emotionally unintelligent pedestrian behaviors: Pedestrians have the right of way when they enter either a marked crosswalk or an intersection with no white lines, but if they don't allow cars enough time to stop drivers are more likely to injure them. They're crazy to walk in this city because we're out to get 'em. The driver sees someone in a crosswalk, speeds up fast and slams to a halt on the heels of the person. They tend to poke along, so I drive up fast and as close as I can to them to make them hurry up. In short, pedestrians are just in their way: If we behaved this way towards people we know we would be regarded as self-centered and selfish, and many would avoid us.

Let’s break it down by the 3 main problems people tend to have: Merging, especially in heavy traffic, can feel claustrophobic and threatening.

Many people feel dangerously exposed sweeping into a flood of highway traffic from some small tributary interchange.

We also cover other parking topics like how to handle parking lots and parking on hills.

In this section of Teen, we give you helpful, step-by-step maneuvers and tips to help you conquer those pesky parallel parking and reversing situations.

Not all car accidents happen when you’re inside the car – sometimes emergency brakes can fail, and then cars can roll and smash into something, causing property damage or injury.

That’s why it’s important to know how to park on a hill.

This tends to make drivers very mad and I wouldn’t recommend it! Some times I will claim the lane because if I fear that the aggressive driver is going to attempt a stupid overtaking then it’s worth me forcing them to stay back.

Other times I’ll just move to the side and let them pass.

No wonder anxiety about driving on highways is one of the most common forms of driving fear. Avoiding them due to anxiety is not always possible.

If you live in a densely populated area, being unable to drive on a highway can be crippling.

Parking in Reverse or Backing into a Space is becoming more common. Because it cuts down on accidents caused by backing out of spaces into blind traffic.