Similarly, we felt compelled to Rickroll you right off the bat here.

The soaring ballad, sung by the Beast, was written for the Broadway musical as the closing number before intermission.“It’s a monumentally good song.

Most of all, they put a little bit of personality on display for the fans coming to the ballpark every day.

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I don't get to sing karaoke often — less than once a month, for sure.

But I still have a karaoke playlist on my phone that I frequently add new songs to.

has been one of the most prominent voices in hip hop. This joint finds Tip taking a timeout from trappin' to let kids knowthat this life isn't for them. was on house arrest and potentially facing yearsin prison for weapons charges, "No Matter What" showcases the rapper'snever-give-up attitude: Rhymes like "Even when winning's illogical,losing's still far from optional," could pick up even the mostpessimistic of Debbie-downers. One of the misguided knocks on southern hip hop is that it's lackingin the lyrics department. It's not groundbreaking, and it's not one of T. Pharrell on the hook is a reminder of the impeccable chemistry the twoshare, while Common drops in for a cool 16. Naturally, he had some advice to give, which adds stark maturity to the verses on this joint. Jazze Pha's hook is silky, but it's Tip's playful rhymes thatmake the song. G., Big Kuntry King, Young Dro and Young Jeezy for a lively "Top Back" remix. Between his hoarse delivery and frostbitten lines like,"Hope for the best but I don't think he gon' make it/Not the way hewas shiverin' and shakin' on the pavement," T. breezed by fellowguest Killer Mike and ethered Bone Crusher on his own track. released this song warningpedestrians to keep their distance and competition to run for cover.

From street anthems to smooth crossover joints, there hasn't been much Tip hasn't been willing to touch - and he's made plenty of great songs along the way. "I Still Love You" finds therapper at his most nakedly honest, as he admits his shortcomings tohis baby's mama and daughter, and gets closure on an at-times troubledrelationship with his pops. It's easy tosee why: "Doin' My Job" is straight from the heart, with T. calmlyimploring the general public to show empathy to dope boys. The menacing beat is the perfect backdrop for his rhymes,which are sizzling enough to melt a snowman at the North Pole. This joint from King will have kids peeling back their sun roofs and womenflirting with cops to avoid points on their license. As hard as the lyrics were, the beat waseven harder, with angry synths and metal-on-metal knocks to ensure thetrack will ring in your ears long after it's over. Add amelancholy piano loop and a soulful Jamie Foxx hook, and you've got aclear winner. Jay-Z has just "retired" from rap, and the Pharrell-dubbed"Jay-Z of the South" is fresh out of jail. Tip did just that, brilliantly utilizing a linefrom "What More Can I Say" and proceeding to get it popping with agangsta party anthem.

turned that theory onits head, blacking out with rhymes like, "The bullsh*t I'm addressingcheck up on some next level sh*t/Never been f*cked in the game, I'mcelibate" to prove yet again that he was more than smooth hooks andtough talk. I.'s old stomping grounds,complete with cold verses from P$C and a triumphant beat courtesy of DJ Toomp. I.'s first crowning achievement in grown-man rap, "Goodlife"finds him waxing thoughtfully over soulful production about the lifeof crime he left behind, and the fruits of the decision he made to go legit. focused, but just when you think the latter finally getsit, he goes back to his Mary Jane. Perhaps the smoothest joint he's ever recorded, "Let's Get Away" isjust as suited for a nighttime cruise as it is for some panty-droppingaction. was an arrogant kid with the audacity tocall himself "King of the South." After it, he was a forced to bereckoned with.

Standoutlyrics: "Our options are few, it's hell in high school, when you'rehelping with the rent, lights, and the gas bill, too/So before you gojudging us, lovin' us won't hurt/You're under 25, stayin' alive's hardwork." standouts like "U Don't Know Me" and "Bring Em Out," "ASAP" is T. wasmediocre, this original examination of the angel and devil on Clifford Harris' shoulders is raw, humorous, and starkly honest. Purists will probably hate that this song is ranked so high, butlet's be honest: "Whatever You Like" remarkably showcases Tip'sunderrated ability to crossover to new audiences without losing hisstreet cred. Perhaps no song in Tip's catalog does a better job showcasing hisability to paint a picture: "We in a drop-top Chevy with the roof wideopen/my patna's lookin' at me to see if my eyes open/'cause I've beendrinkin' and I've been smoking/I'm flyin' down 285, but I'm focused! Swizz Beatz turns in a bouncy beat to add to thehype, ensuring that each year a slew of ballplayers choose "Bring Em Out" to be played as they step up to the plate.

Karaoke is just plain fun — even if it's not a regular pastime.

If going into a dark room with a group of other people to sing classic hits makes you feel terrified, don't be!

Hopefully, on this You Tube frenzy of your newest discoveries of Spanish music, you will come across more songs that aren’t on this list.