But it also becomes easier as the seasons go on, because, as we figure out what makes these people tick and what their essential traits are, or their essential characteristics, it's easier to put them in conflict with the environment and to create situations for them that kind of bring to the surface who they are.

So it's challenging, but it becomes more rewarding to create the world through these characters, and [create] stories for them.""For me, it's an opportunity to get to hang out with and collaborate with Fred Armisen, and with our director and co-writer, Jonathan Krisel. It allows a certain kind of frivolity, and certain kind of performance, like comparing it to absurdity, but also kind of dealing with the awkward moments. It allows us, with all of the observations that I make throughout the year, to write those ideas down and bring those to fruition.

Based on a total of three Instagram posts, queer culture site cautioned, the rumor is unsubstantiated, based on highly circumstantial, though compelling, evidence.

"You sort of withdraw and you sort of get into all the things that you think make you weird," Armisen explained of his technique, admitting that he "should go back to therapy." "Like, 'I'm really into playing XBox ...

In a way, it like a family member had died," he said.

Not just repeating ourselves, but finding a new angle, trying to make it seem fresh and new.

We made little changes just so we're not repeating ourselves, and that's kind of hard.

I want romantic, serious attitudes with beautiful the man.

I like to go in for sports and very much I like to p…

It’s a fascinating conversation, and it’s not going to translate well into print, because in print it’s going to make Armisen sound far more callous than he actually sounded on the podcast.

At how little true work I would put into something.

It was just unexpected and I really slammed hard and she was really upset.

CARRIE BROWNSTEIN: What about when you gave me whip lash in another scene?

For one small, dedicated corner of the internet, there is no gossip more enticing — yet elusive — than that of Carrie Brownstein's dating life.