There is a good chance that you simply became involved with a person who suffers from fear of intimacy.Seen as a social or anxiety disorder, fear of intimacy often results in a person blowing hot then cold, or doing the occasional disappearing act, which can be terribly frustrating for others.

Being intimate with someone is crucial for a healthy and happy relationship.

If you don’t have it, you’ll never be able to build the connection needed for a long-term love.

Once that period ends however, they often move on to someone new to replicate the feelings and emotions experienced during the previous relationship.

It is the “high” of the honeymoon that causes them to jump from one dating experience or relationship experience to another.

Let’s look at a few common reasons why intimacy can be so downright . As infants, we develop something called an “attachment style” which stems from the bond between a child and a primary caregiver.

When we are babies, we express our needs (needs for hunger, sleep, safety, etc.) by crying or interacting with a primary caregiver or parent.[Read: 13 unique ways to build intimacy with your partner] How to date someone with intimacy issues Just because it may be more work doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It may take some time and it’ll be a learning process, but you can do it.There are plenty of people who end up having successful relationships even though their partner has a lot of problems when it comes to intimacy. In order to have a successful relationship with someone who has quite a few intimacy issues, this is what to do.There are a number of potential warning signs you should look at for when assessing if someone you are romantically interested in may have problems formulating close relationships, which is sure-fire indicator of possible fears of intimacy. Please note that the signs listed here are somewhat generalized, meaning you have to take all of the signs and put them together in order to arrive at a place of thinking intimacy issues may be at play.A person struggling with a fear of intimacy will often have a difficult time committing to one person in a romantic relationship.As a result, their relational history is usually scattered at best, hallmarked by a lack of longer term romantic relationships.