Eve, clinical sexologist and author of and host of the #Cyber Infidelity podcast (downloadable here). Eve has answers for how to let a potentially asexual friend know you’re a safe space without forcing him or her to come out if she’s not ready.

If you fall into the category of only wanting someone to exchange body heat with—and not body fluids—these rules are for you.

Cuddle versus f*ck For those of you who are unfamiliar with these terms, I’ll break them down for you.

[Read: The guide to turning your friend into your f*ck buddy] The cardinal rules of having a cuddle buddy Most people only want a cuddle buddy because they miss the physical contact and snuggling they used to have when they were in a relationship.

However, they don’t want to have a relationship, due to other circumstances. If you’re someone who loves having a person to come over and cuddle with, while watching your favorite movie, but really want to avoid things going any further, these are the standard rules you need to follow. I don’t care how hot you two get, turn down the heat, turn on the air, remove the blankets, but keep your clothes on! If there are any feelings involved, whatsoever, then you cannot be cuddle buddies.

Welcome to July and a whole new month of sex waiting to happen!

With all the troubles happening in the world, political upheavals, economy issues, financial problems…

Here at f-buddy we believe that being able to have sex is more than just something that is fun to have, we believe that it is an actual human right.

As much as people must have access to clean water, food and some shelter, we think that all healthy humans should be able to have someone that they can have sex with. It is your last chance to catch the last of snow and ski season if that is your thing, and very soon we will be moving into the warmer days of spring going into summer.

There is a fine line between cuddle buddy and f*ck buddy.

Sometimes, people get carried away and their much-wanted cuddle buddy turns into something they dreaded all along: their f*ck buddy.

problem to have) until it happens to you and you realize it can actually be prohibitively painful.