Is it also holding its hands up and saying women are incapable of providing for themselves, that it’s their place to be looked after?

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Whitney Wolfe " data-medium-file=" Now there certainly seems to be some fire with that smoke and they deserve to get everything they get coming to them.

A rough estimate is that 11% of Americans have used online dating, so that’s 35 million or so, compared to the 2,252 sample size. 🙂 I’m not entirely sure if Witney Wolfe is entirely aware of the irony of what she is saying. Which is why only women on the system get to decide whom they deem worthy of talking to. Whitney then goes on to inform me that men as taught by society to go out and aggressively seek a mate, companion or whatever. Good grief, I wonder if she actually believes this crap? And in case you have entirely missed the back story.

Put all that to one side for a moment and consider the parameters of the dating game and ask whether the industry is a sexist, stereotypical construct by its very nature.

I’m a dater who considers myself to be open-minded and anything but a traditionalist.

I’m not saying ‘don’t be nice to women’ – I’m simply saying that I can be respectful and treat someone with dignity and value without adhering to ancient customs of how men are meant to interact with women. For decades, it’s been something of a given that men wine and dine (wait, does anyone still use that phrase?

) a female companion – mainly because it’s perceived as a ‘norm’ or ‘the right thing to do’. Is it admittance that men are the providers; the bread winners who look after a defenseless woman and fund her lifestyle?

No wonder they go on about 30 dates and don't find anyone they like. People just like to see how many likes and dates they can get," Anna added.

Sexism is still rife, as is misogyny, but why do gender constructs still exist when it comes to dating?

Tinder might have come under criticism for encouraging people to spend a significant chunk of their lives pawing over the latest mobile, social schmoozing fad, but in reality, the superficial dating app could be inadvertently feeding social equality and liberating 21st-century feminism.

After meeting the love of her life on Tinder, Rebecca Pickard, 39, a teacher from Clapham, London, is a huge fan of the dating app.

(Black women make 64 cents and Latina women make 56 cents for every dollar earned by white males.)I am an advocate of pro-equality for all humans, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or race.