Apply Online Now Online credit card payment is accepted via Pay Pal. High School Transcripts/GED Official high school transcripts indicating a standard high school diploma. A special high school diploma or a certificate of attendance is not acceptable for admission to Beacon College. College Transcripts Submit official college transcripts, if applicable. Personal Interview On campus, telephone, or Skype interviews can be arranged for prospective students. Letters of Recommendation or Completed Professional Reference Forms Please submit three recommendation letters from a teacher, professor, or guidance counselor who knows you well.

You can supply a completed Professional Reference Form to distribute to the educator(s) of your choice. Optional SAT/ACT Heavy emphasis is not placed on SAT/ACT scores.

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It’s FREE to join; it’s 100% SAFE as you remain completely ANONYMOUS.Please contact the Office of Admissions at any point in your application process if you have any questions or would like assistance. Applications may be submitted at any time of the year.We can be reached by phone at (352) 638-9731 or via email at [email protected] Apply Online Now The applicant must submit the following items in order to complete her/his admission file: 1.Per questo la protezione civile della Regione Emilia Romagna ha dato il via alla sperimentazione di un sistema che utilizza reti wireless, fibra ottica e tecnologie di visione digitale.In due siti dell' Appennino, tra Modena e Ferrara, sono state installate altrettante stazioni di EFLAME, sistema sviluppato da Elimos nel parco scientifico tecnologico di Trieste Area Science Park.Many stylish, elegant and professional clubs organise singles events, rave parties, DJ competitions, wild bands, entertainment shows and drink nights at their cocktail bars and lounges.