In the early stages of dating, a relationship should always be casual.

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The first few months of dating can be considered casual, because the direction up ahead is still unclear.

But what makes a relationship turn from casual into committed? Within a few months, the very nature of a relationship turns from casual into committed.

Gone are the days we could rely on perfect flesh and dresses the size of a hankie to acquire a mate.

On the plus side we have self-assurance, experience and probably our own home and career which can all be quite appealing.

Using my dating experiences and those of friends, I have compiled this guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of finding midlife love.

DITCH THE ROMANTIC BAGGAGE This can be difficult because by the time you hit 40 you will have had your heart broken, broken hearts in return, betrayed and been betrayed in return.They may still be working through emotional and psychological issues that they used to numb with drugs and alcohol.If the addiction went on for a long time, they may need to learn or relearn how to think, behave and interact as sober individuals.There are plenty of them, but let's focus on what I believe are the top five myths that make dating harder for Christian men.Myth #1: "God has one woman picked out for you to marry.During addiction, the relationships people form are often dysfunctional, toxic or abusive.