The old and new servers are both running Ubuntu 12.The old server is running using Nginx while the new one is running using Apache2.We suggest waiting up to 24 hours for the DNS cache to be fully refreshed. When the DNS refreshes according to its TTL, the propagation is complete and your site will load.

86400 IN AAAA 2001:db8:4e:21a:4aff:fe23 [[email protected] ~]$ ipa dns-update-system-records --dry-run --out ipa-records.nsupdate IPA DNS records: ...

However if you really need this, then set up DNS server to allow dynamic updates from the particular IP address/IP range.

I am clueless as to why this is happening because using another registrar I have successfully updated DNS records for other clients which all point to the new server correctly.

If I am not able to solve the problem using advice I will provide the IP/domain name here.

I can do a reverse lookup on the IP and that works but not name to IP.

When a domain is newly registered, the nameservers are changed, or DNS changes are made, you can expect a propagation time up to 24 hours.

You can try Clearing your DNS cache or "Hello siva, and thanks for the comment.

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[[email protected] ~]$ ipa dns-update-system-records --dry-run IPA DNS records: _kerberos-master._tcp.