Genealogy Traditional genealogy follows a chain of genetic links from generation to generation.If a link is erased, DNA testing can sometimes restore the bond.

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Read More: Dating by Diet » Two companies, Singld Out and Instant Chemistry, are working together to match users based on the results of both a personality test (evaluating “diet habits of a mate, how often they exercise, and so on,” according to a company press release) and a genetic test.

“Through intensive research, scientists have found that long-term relationship satisfaction stems from two constants — your DNA and core personality — and how those match up with your partner's,” said Sara Seabrooke, a geneticist and chief science officer of Instant Chemistry, in a press statement.

—Mary Schweitzer Furthermore, because actin, tubulin, and collagen are not unique to bone, they tested for a very distinctive osteocyte protein called PHEX.

This stands for Phosphate-regulating endopeptidase, X-linked, which is vital in depositing the hard bone mineral.

Some online dating sites rely on a mathematical algorithm to match people.

Others are based on pure physical attraction and a quick swipe to the left or right.

For example, between 19, Argentina's ruling junta 'disappeared' 20,000 people - including 270 women who gave birth before dying.

Desperate to find lost grandchildren, the mothers of the disappeared appealed to scientists, asking for a genetic test that didn't need parental DNA.

They found “transparent cell-like microstructures with dentritic [branching, just the shape expected for osteocytes] processes, some containing internal contents,” from both dinos.