The new scoreboard reveals that EU innovation performance continues to increase, especially due to improvements in human resources, the innovation-friendly environment, own-resource investments, and attractive research systems.Sweden remains the EU innovation leader, followed by Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany.

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Lithuania, Malta, the UK, the Netherlands, and Austria are the fastest growing innovators.

We work to support, promote and raise the profile of Danish performing arts internationally by coordinating the Danish presence at international performing arts and cultural events and projects abroad.

this post about Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren–the internet-famous couple whose actions, for reasons unbeknownst even to myself, I have dedicated my life to chronicling–which has a whole lot of loose ends that will really a couple who bravely modeled, traveled the world, and pioneered the concept of #Relationship Goals.

Then, recently, something happened–Jay and Alexis both deleted posts in which they appeared together, changed captions on others, and, most critically, unfollowed one another on Twitter.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the celebration has been moved to the third weekend in July.

Although the dates have changed, the spirit has remained the same.The 2017 edition of the Scoreboard presents a refined analytical framework.Rankings are therefore not directly comparable with previous editions, but time series using the new analytical framework allow performance to be tracked over time.In doing so, they have reduced the amount of food they throw away by a quarter since 2011.This achievement is largely down to the efforts of the NGO Stop Wasting Food, founded in 2008 by the activist Selina Juul, who has campaigned to encourage supermarkets to promote products that are close to or beyond their sell-by dates.In the 1960s, cars were threatening to displace bicycles in the main Danish cities.