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Her no.14 is the grant by Ethelwine the Black of 5 hides at Grenebeorge to St Albans, along with land at Redbourn, Langley and Fawn Wood, dated 1042-9.

"The king granted to the Abbot of St Albans by his charter that he and his successors in perpetuity should have a market at his manor of Wyneslawe every week on Thursday, and a fair in the same manor every year to last two days, that is the eve and day of St Laurence, unless the market and fair are to the injury of neighbouring markets and fairs.

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Before the development of printing in the mid-15th century the written culture of Europe was transmitted through manuscripts.

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The article can be downloaded from the Archaeological Services & Consultancy Ltd website.This collection of essays, which concentrates mainly on the late medieval ...'The Index of Middle English Prose' is an international collaborative project which will ultimately locate, identify and record all extant Middle English prose texts composed between c.1200 and c.1500...They are usually short, self-contained texts, concerned with the ownership of land or of some other right or privilege.Some record the transfer these rights from one person or institution to another or purport to do so, others confirm the ownership of such rights, many are concerned with the legal conditions and obligations that go with the holding of particular rights or properties.In the early English instances a double-sided seal created with the help of a press encloses a strip or tongue of vellum attached to the document.