The site collected more than 6 million data points, and the stats on Stereotype are based on questions more than 1,000 users have answered. He says the team wanted to do something different, a side project as a break from maintaining the site's social network.As a bonus, the data produced some hilarious headlines.

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To produce neat little factoids, the site correlated survey answers to the bands users have added to their profiles.

On average, Tastebuds users add 70 bands to their profile pages, according to Tastebuds and Stereotype co-founder Alex Parish.

Don’t talk about your undying fealty to Nickelback, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or any of the other artists mentioned above.

Granted, people who use (powered by data from, The Echo Nest, publisher of, and Song Kick) have already self-selected themselves as those for whom music is of primary importance, rather than just something that happens in the background as they watch movies or play videogames.

That 12-year-old girl with the starry look in her eyes just might be a Belieber.

But what else does the music we enjoy say about us?

Conversely, if you’re on a date with a music snob that’s not going well, you can always wrap things up really quickly by talking about your dream lineup for a concert: Kei$ha opening for a Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber duet followed by headliners Nickelback.

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Obviously this data wasn't the result of 100% sound scientific methods, and the word "stereotype" is used somewhat facetiously, but the results are still fun to peruse.