Since I was in elementary school, and we were mandated to line up by height for our class pictures (I was always last!

And when it comes to dating, petite women may win the war after all.

released an article last year titled, “Why Do Guys Like Short Girls” and it received hundreds of Facebook likes.

But hardwiring and pressure aside, what do we gain from closing ourselves off to dates outside of our height comfort zones? According to a recently buzzed-about study, luck runs short for guys under 5-foot-9 dating online in New York City.

I’ve come across plenty of girls’ profiles that tell undersized admirers to stay away.

I noticed that many people treat short guys terribly.

I'm 14 and about 5'7, but I'm a girl so that's not a problem.

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But as I’ve gotten older and continue to be carded and could easily blend into a hive of high school tweens, I’ve grown to appreciate my small stature. I can sit Indian-style and sleep comfortably in plane seats.