The Criminal Repository Information below is a suggestion of what a criminal records check may retrieve in connection with Pennsylvania Arrest Records.

Misdemeanors are usually less severe charges that are punishable by a fine or jail time of less than one year. Gettysburg, PA 17325-2312 Telephone: (717) 334-6781 Allegheny County Allegheny County Clerk 414 Grant St.

Information availability varies from county to county when searching county arrest records. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Telephone: (412) 350-4188 Armstrong County Armstrong County Clerk 500 E. Kittanning, PA 16201 Telephone: (724) 543-2500 Beaver County Beaver County Clerk 810 3rd St.

CARTE GENERALE DES TREIZE ETATS-UNIS INDEPENDANTS DE L'AMERIQUE SEPTETRIONALE POUR SERVIR AU SPECTATEUR AMERICAIN 1785. This map of the eastern United States to the Mississippi appeared in several editions of Guthrie's book. The image is from a reproduction of the original map published in 1887 by the Pennsylvania Secretary of Internal Affairs in a report that contained maps of all the state boundaries. It shows a land survey for plots given to Revolutionary War veterans in lieu of service. Delaware is named but no boundary is shown between it and Pennsylvania. Dickenson was apparently a major land holder in this area. An interesting feature is a note just off Virginia giving the location of Mount Vernon. Lake Erie is called "Okswego See." The map is from Schrambl's Allgemeiner Grosser Atlas, begun in 1786. It shows the area from Labrador to Virginia and west to include the Great Lakes.

Only the Pennsylvania region is shown; the complete map depicts the east coast from Maine to the Carolinas. Pennsylvania's boundary extends north to Lake Ontario with an uneven western boundary. CARTE GENERAL DES ET ETATS DE VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, DELAWARE, PENSILVANIE, NOUVEAU-JERSEY, NEW-YORK, CONNECTICUT ET ISLE DE RHODES AINSI QUE DES LAC ERIE, ONTARIO, ET CHAMPLAIN D'APRES LA CARTE AMERIQUAINE DE LOUIS EVANS ET LA CARTE ANGLAISE DE THOMAS JEFFERYS.... The Philadelphia meridian is used and the Pennsylvania - New York line is correctly shown near the 42nd parallel. This map was seen for sale and there are probably many unrecorded survey maps like this in archives and attics. Pennsylvania is shown with the modern boundaries but without the Erie triangle.

The map is from Joseph Mandrillon's Le spectateur amricain, published by E. In 1801 Crevecoeur published Voyage dans la haute Pensylvanie et dans l'tat de New-York : par un membre adoptif de la nation Onida, Traduit et publie par l'auteur des Lettres d'un cultivateur amricain. (Samuel Vaughan Diary) Samuel Vaughan created a diary circa 1787 that contains a number of manuscript maps of various places, among them Fort Pitt, Youghiogheny River (Ohiopyle) Falls, and Carlisle; see Docktor #287V5, #287V5.01 - 02. This map is plate 117 from Nicolas Desmarest & Rigobert Bonne's Atlas Encyclopaedique 1788. There is a table at top left naming counties in New York and New England. Image from the Heritage Map Museum CD by permission.

Flon, Amsterdam 1785, according to the Library of Congress from where this image comes (Sellers & van Ee #759). The diary is apparently now in the Library of Congress. The map shows early forts and names such as the Iroquois. Morse's geography contained an accompaning southern states map. PLANO DE LA BAHIA DE LA WARE Y ENTRADA DE FILADELFIE..., a manuscript map of Delaware Bay attributed to Jossef del Campo, probably copied from Joshua Fisher's map 1775.7. For a similar Spanish manuscript map, see Docktor #28_U5, #284C5.Collection of 230 structures from the 19th and early 20th Centuries, a reflection of the town's history as an important stop on the National Road.Federal, Greek Revival, and Colonial Revival styles are prominent.The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a map.There are 68 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Porsche AG, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.