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In fact, the first two Olympiads awarded silver medals and an olive wreath for the winner.

The IOC retrospectively awarded gold, bronze and silver to athletes based on their rankings.

Of those thousands of medals, the big winner has been the US - a trend that has continued.

As some of you spotted, these totals are for medal winners - not winning events.

With Core FTP Pro, now you can: Encrypt and decrypt files to servers using the latest encryption methods.

Schedule ftp transfers (unattended) without additional services.

I have duplicated all the table structures to create a development version of the tables in their own database on the same server and am now trying to pull the data from the development version of the .accdb into the development database.

(i.e., I don't want to run the Upsizing Wizard again from the Dev Access DB because of all the structure clean up that I don't want to do again.) Using , I get what must be the 32-bit version: I'm running 64-bit Office on a 64-bit Win7 installation, and I'd assume that SQL Server 2014 is 64-bit by default (I didn't install the server nor the SSMS on my machine).

I have already run the upsizing wizard from my production Access 2010 .accdb database to create all the table structures and move the data on to our new SQL Server 2014.

This included adding some PKs on the server which didn't exist in Access and some other clean up.

IBM Information Exchange support with command line updates.