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It’s emotional suicide to try to compete with the skinner, bouncier, wrinkle-free, younger woman who looks marvelous with no make-up, no bra, and no modesty in her extremely low-slung jeans. Come to think of it, many men prefer the intelligence, wisdom and sexuality of the older woman.

Stop concentrating on what you are not, and instead concentrate on your best qualities.

These relationships can turn into something serious and be a solid foundation for a long-term commitment, primarily because of how younger women’s outlooks and characteristics often complement those of an older man.

An older man and younger woman relationship is not only one of the most common motifs in dating, it’s also one of the most popular.

To prepare, all of us on the team had to create a profile.

The rest of my team were married, living with someone, or dating, so they all made up fake personas.

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So you just broke up with your chick, who is about your age (give or take two or three years), because she was a bit difficult to deal with.

Dating older men can be an experience unto itself and comes with perks you may have never imagined before.