I wonder if there is maybe a better longer term solution though, like a wikia or something? Also, minor point, the LGBTQ Rights mod is actually by me.-El I posted this to discuss better organization of the forums, and while I do think that this thread is great, I think that maybe adding a new subforum for only completed mods and keeping this one for mods in discussion would really help clean the place up! I found the icon tutorial mod because of this thread.

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But, I would like it if the forums could be programed so that they automatically order themselves based on which forums topic has been updated the most recent, as opposed to setting it manually.

Fight to save your shattered world in this award-winning fantasy/sci-fi MMO.

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- Planicorn Superpower - joaco335State Programs Mod v1.0 - joaco335Corruption Mod v1.1 - joaco335Propaganda Mod v1.0 - joaco335International Culture Policies V0.3 - francopc Cycling Infrastructure Policy v1.1 - Matt Jackson LGBTQ Rights v1.2 - Elinor More Policies v1.1 - Ulq Electricity Mod - bankrot Disaster and Emergency Situations Pack v0.2 - Elinor Aegis Democracy 3 Mod Editor v0.20 - Aegis Modding Tool - Kohrnel Mod Making Tutorial v0.5 Alpha - Abs Youtube Tutorial Playlist - Monsterraff Cross platform Modding Guidelines - urkle Icon Creation - Elinor Official Modding Guide Some new modding features - cliffski I think this is a nice idea if it can be kept up-to-date.

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