Mia herself was still clearly overwhelmed with emotion, as she posted a heartfelt message to Instagram on Friday proclaiming her absolute love for the newest addition to the family.

Her brunette tresses, which featured copper-dyed tips, were parted in the middle and fell well past her shoulders.

The designer and sometime model appeared mostly make-up free, save for a slick of light pink lipstick.

“It was nice to give something back and I get the same feeling here when someone with low cookery confidence takes a course and you see the joy on their face when they have made that perfect loaf of bread that they thought they never would.

And, of course, I’m mad about food, so that helps.” Born to an Irish mother and a father from El Salvador in 1980’s Brixton, Kennedy was surrounded by a diverse mix of foods and cookery techniques from an early age, and after a short and thankfully unsuccessful dabble in engineering he went back to his childhood passion.

Still, Mia didn't abandon her rock and roll style for the excursion.

She pulled up the sleeves of her rock and roll print pullover to reveal her extensive body inking, and opted for black leggings and chunky black boots down below.

While she seemed to have no trouble carrying her little one by herself, boyfriend Dan Halen did help out by carrying her camouflage print purse for her.

It seems everyone is quite excited for little Axton's arrival, as grandfather Steven was seen loaded down with adorable flowers and balloons to celebrate the birth on Wednesday.

Ray Miller, news director of KPRC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Houston, also mentored Rather in the early years.

On February 28, 1962, Rather left Houston for New York City for a six-month trial initiation.

In 1959, he began his television career as a reporter for KTRK-TV, the ABC affiliate in Houston.