When onlline dating and social networking first made an appearance, there wasn't really much of a difference in the members.

For them, ‘ME’ time is the most important thing in the world because that is the time when they introspect their ideas, think about new ideas, rejoice their success and take lessons from their failure. Something like, “we will do a good deed in the memory of the bug.” As stupid as it sounds, it is bound to bring a smile.

These are small little things, but it will make them feel connected and so it will be a plus point for both. Good Storytellers Want to date a creative person, be ready to listen to the stories all the time. They will never say something like, “the Sun rises in the east”.

But now, the vast majority of online sites tend to focus on one thing or the other, like networking, or jobs, or even bringing together creative people.

So, whether you are interested into music, painting, photography, modeling, dance, writing, or whatever...there is either a site specifically for you, or there is a section for you within a site focused on creative people.

I find myself very attracted to creative people – writers, musicians, artists, dancers, actors, etc.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of creative venture they are involved in, but I find their passion to be a seductive and intriguing quality.Highly creative people wake up every morning, fully aware of the need to grow and push themselves.But there is always the fear, Resistance as Pressfield calls it, that they don’t have what it takes.It’s cent percent true for the creative crowd out there.They sleep less, first of all and even when they do, their mind keeps on dreaming about something new, something Blue, something unique. You are definitely their priority, but not the only one. Emotions run deep Yes, they feel everything straight from their heart – be it a song, a painting, a situation in which an animal is injured; ANYTHING!I find the on-line dating profiles of creative people to resonate with me more than someone not creative.