BOX 2-1 Definitions of Relevant Terms An assay is a laboratory system designed to measure a physical, chemical, or biological end point. "The best measure of a philanthropist is whether his (or her) check to the undertaker bounces." Michael Bloomberg, New York City Mayor, explaining why he wanted to give away all of his wealth before he dies. Chen, "At 5 Million, Bloomberg Was Biggest Giver in U. African-American Philanthropy: A Bibliography and Resource List recent years, there has been an increased scholarly focus on African-American philanthropy, and a growing number of African-Americans are making large gifts, and are creating foundations and endowments to channel their philanthropy. A Mark Dowie traces the history of foundations beginning with Andrew Carnegie and ending with Irene Diamond and George Soros. (Last checked 06/22/16) THE CATHEDRAL WITHIN: TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE BY GIVING SOMETHING BACK. Women and political culture by Kathleen Mc Carthy 9. U6 C743 2002 This issue of New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising focuses on the current state of teaching of philanthropy to youth and the curricula being written to accomplish that goal. Supporting T&H allows Peace Revolution to remain free of commercials and advertisements. Since 2006, we have created over 500 hours of educational information in audio and video productions of the highest-academic quality, and we have presented it for FREE, to millions of individuals around the world; many of whom are desperate to encounter and integrate such information.

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Knowledge of their mechanisms of toxicity can be useful in the development of therapeutic countermeasures (Sharma et al. For example, in vitro methods have been developed for the evaluation of cholinesterase inhibition by nerve-gas agents (Worek et al. Data on some early, sensitive responses to such agents can support development of acute exposure limits for the general public.

For example, a number of studies indicate that pupil constriction (miosis) is the most sensitive acute response to human exposure to OP nerve agents (such as sarin), and such end points have been used as part of the basis of acute exposure limits (NRC 2005).

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Those agents have been well studied, and a detailed mechanistic understanding that is based on human data is available for some.

For example, the organophosphorus (OP) nerve agents are potent inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase and result in acute cholinergic effects that occur minutes or hours after exposure.

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The overall approach, which is illustrated in Figures 2-1 and 2-2, consists of three components (relevant terms are defined in Box 2-1): Later chapters in this report provide details of the types of databases, assays, models, and tools that are available for evaluating acute toxicity, their integration, and next steps that are needed to begin implementing the committee’s framework and strategy.