One important and often underestimated variable, I think, is how straight women are expected to relate to men.Dating in the West can often seem very different than dating in other cultures - power relations between male and female are more equal than in many other countries and this affects the way couples meet, flirt and get to know each other.(So it's less common, for example, for a woman who is actually interested in a male suitor to play "hard to get" in preservation of her "honor." We tend to operate along the lines of "no means no" and continuing to insist after she's said no will not change her mind, only make her angry).

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Some men from other cultures who are used to having a more submissive partner find a more "entitled" woman threatening to their status.

In these situations, some men (in any culture) will resort to extreme behaviors - rape or assault - to assert their dominance over her.

Women know this and generally hold this fear in the back of their minds as they're navigating the dating scene, so if she holds preconceived notions of what male-female relationships look like in your country of origin and rejects that relationship model, she may unfairly reject you without considering you as an individual.

So my advice is, if you're interested in a "non-Western" relationship with a Western woman, you may have a hard time finding one who wants to fill that role.

College makes certain things possible that absolutely blow my mind.

Things like being able to date students who come from other parts of the world.This question below is more about international student guys dating American girls.But the same could be asked about international student girls dating American guys.It turns out he’s an international student who recently came here from Spain. We have gone on a number of dates since then and have spent a good amount of time together.Despite coming from another country, this guy’s English is outstanding.Also remember that she agreed to go out with you, so she may like you and you may get lucky, you never know.