Maybe you know that not any first date idea can work for any type of girl.

Everyone loves a uni romance, but chances are your student loan budget won't stretch to cover a table for two at the Ritz.

We couldn't quite think of 50 first dates, but we The important thing is to think about what they enjoy, not what you feel like doing.

In just a few words, here are some cheap date ideas that can help you save money and have fun at the same time!

Robbie is a Graduate Student at The University of Akron where he studies Higher Education Administration.

Besides, I’m sure that you do not want to take your girl to a museum if she is going to be uninterested to tears.

Before planning your first date, you should think about her interests as well as her personality to decide which first date idea you can try.

Doing activities outside is the pinnacle of cheap and easy date ideas.

If your school has great hiking trails like Dartmouth College, go for a hike.

You didn’t really plan dating into your college budget.

If you have no clue what to do, check out these first date ideas for college students that are inexpensive and easy, too.

The bartender is someone who not only fills our glass, but lends a helpful ear when we’ve got problems or just need a friend. There are some downsides to those long breaks, though—boredom, feeling unproductive, or ending up strapped for cash right when you want to do some holid...