Be aware that there are no magic cures, and depending on why you broke up, there's no guarantee that you'll get back together.

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How long it takes for an ex to miss you varies from individual to individual.

Some people immediately, and others it comes more gradually.

Whether she's working one-on-one with a client or speaking to audiences, Christine's intellectual boldness, clarity of thought and active conscience appeals and resonates with many men and women seeking an authentic and wholistic approach to manifesting the loving and fulfilling relationship they long for and dream about.

Her quiet exterior, soft-spoken voice, infectious good humor, humility and deep compassion has brought hope and healing to hundreds of singles spread across five continents.

Because I do this everyday, all year round, and have done it for years, I can tell over 90% of the time who is likely to blow off his/her chances and who has the ability to see things through to a successful end. I have come up with this three categories to help you see for yourself if you are hurting your chances of getting back together.1.

And when I am asked “Do I have a chance” or “What are my chances? Individual who perceive relationship uncertainty and unpredictability as upsetting and threatening.I’ve also worked with men and women who had an overemotional break-up where hurtful things were said, but the relationship as a whole was happy on most part.They missed what was good about the relationship, and by inference missed their ex.”There are relationships where it’s obvious that no amount of time or effort will make an ex want to give the relationship another chance. But there are many more relationships where the chances of getting back together are very good, but someone fails to get back their ex because they moved too fast, pushed too hard. But one day they are calm, cool and collected and the next, they are all panicky, anxious and pushy.In the end, they fail to get their ex back not because they didn’t have a chance, but because they blew their chance.There are times when an ex will come back into your life, and you may be wondering if you should give your relationship with this person another try.