Pepi's idea is to corrupt Luci and take her away from the wife-beating policeman.During the first knitting class, Pepi's friend, Bom, arrives at the apartment heading for the restroom in order to pee.Women who never wear stockings have my full support and approval.

I twitched, and she, as if nothing had happened, mashed member repeatedly moving his hand, exposing the head, and then, without releasing member, asked casually: – You are what you like?

– I did not understand, though most had only one desire – to enter into a girl as soon as possible to remove finally accumulated tension.

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Pepi, a young independent woman living in Madrid, is filling up her Superman sticker album when she receives an unexpected visit from a policeman who has spotted her marijuana plants from the street.

Pepi tries to buy his silence with an offer of oral sex, but the policeman rapes her.

This ruins her hopes of selling her virginity for a good amount of money.

Thirsty for revenge, Pepi arranges for her friend Bom, a teenage punk singer, and her band, Bomitoni (Bom and Toni), to beat up the policeman.

He also had sex with her in his office during a youth conference, the prosecutors say.