The first problem with Manetho's dynasties was that the Egyptians left few clues as to which dynasty followed which; they weren't interested in recording which dynasties ended in a revolution and which simply died out.More serious is that the original text of Manetho is no longer available; what we have are garbled editions quoted by two late Roman writers (Eusebius and Africanus), plus an excerpt from Josephus.One of the small pyramids (discovered in 1925) contains the tomb of Queen Hetepheres, sister and wife of Sneferu and the mother of Khufu.

Building the Great Pyramid in 20 years—the commonly accepted time frame—would have required placing 1.1 blocks in their final resting place every two minutes, over a work schedule of 365 days a year, if the block-laying were continuous for 10 hours per day.

Additional imponderables are the time and effort involved in quarrying that many stones and transporting them to the site, some from a quarry 8 miles (12.8 km) away across the river and others from a quarry more than five hundred miles (800 km) away; preparing the 13-acre site (5.2 hectares) to host the pyramid would have been its own major feat, and all would have needed to be carefully coordinated.

Also you will proceed to see the fantastic architectural building of Coptic and Islamic Cairo.

Then moving to Luxor to explore Pharaonic Egypt with its huge temples and well decorated tombs.

It is clear to see that apart from Piazzi Smyth (and possibly Proctor), the dates for the creation of the pyramid are all considerably earlier than modern Egyptologists claim.

This is not due to a lack of science or rigor; On the contrary, the Radio-carbon dating at Giza supports the idea that the Great pyramid was built long before it is currently claimed by Egyptologists.

Discover the Great Civilization of ancient Egypt in Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria.

In Cairo you will have a date with one of the world's seven wonders (The Great Pyramid) at Giza Plateau with the extraordinary human-headed lion (The Sphinx), then the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities which contains enormous number of ancient Egyptian beautiful items.

The Great Pyramid of King Cheops is the only wonder of the seven wonders of the ancient world that is still standing today, although it is 2,000 years older than any other wonder on the list Then you will go to witness the Complex of Saqqara which belongs to King Zoser and his step pyramid which is considered the first pyramid in Egypt and the first rock-cut building in the history.