His voice flits from left to right and around, like he’s playing the confused horndog the angel and devil on his shoulders.

Money will cloud the godliness of man; love will screw-up money; sex will make love harder; men will love sex more than money; women will love money more than sex. Pop history knows this, and D'Angelo knows pop history: There was Mary Martin brushing away would-be suitors to the tune of Cole Porter on "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" in 1938; Ray Charles singing the praises of a well-heeled lady friend on "I Got a Woman" in 1954; Nina Simone pining for satisfaction on "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl" in 1967; a 13-year-old Michael Jackson wailing about wanting to "be your sugar daddy" even though he knew better in 1971; Prince and Nikki and corvettes in the '80s; all the way to Frank Ocean’s 2012 track "Pyramids", which sources the origins of destructive love and greed back to ancient Egypt.

On "Sugah Daddy", D'Angelo gleefully wraps himself up in this imperfect past.

Liv exudes a calm confidence that accentuates a form hardly in need of amplification .

I'm gonna write down a figure, and this is as high as I'll go. Season 1, Episode 3Jess: So when I do the chicken dance, I do it a little differently.

Season 1, Episode 17/18Nick: I want to kill you, because I respect you.

Season 1, Episode 21Jess: Nick, put on some pants or at least some really high socks.

One way to stay relevant after 14 years is by sticking to things that won't go away.

There will always be men and women and sex and love and money—along with the endless tensions that follow.

But there's another side to your favorite pastime in the modern poker era that'll have you searching high and low for that misplaced breath of yours.