Making webcam chat easily accessible online for everybody is a priority.

Goes without saying that we wouldn't be a great online communication platform if we didn't at least offer text chat!

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Another challenge is ensuring the timely delivery of the messages themselves.

So many companies are working on virtual reality headsets that will project our presence into far away places.

The "Knock Knock" feature makes Google Duo stand out, it works like a peephole.

With other services, you see the caller's contact picture but with Google Duo you can view a live video of the caller.

This is wildly inefficient to the point of being untenable, given that the average number of friends per user is measured in the hundreds, and the number of concurrent users during peak site usage is on the order of several millions.

Surfacing connected users' idleness greatly enhances the chat user experience but further compounds the problem of keeping presence information up-to-date.

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Sometimes it helps to send "faces" (also known as "smileys" and "emoticons") to help show our feelings, for example whether we are serious or joking.

From there, you can start adding some expressive flair to your video chats with the new features!

Add a video reaction during your video chats to allow you to amplify your emotions and express love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger.

You can now share how you’re feeling with a reaction, add a filter to look and feel your best, make someone laugh while wearing a bear mask, and even save photos from your video chats.