Well I guess the awesomeness of Belle de Jour's adventures couldn't go on forever...

Not that this book was bad, per se, it just wasn't quite up to the previously high standards set by the previous three books.

About when you need or want a man, and when you damn well don't.

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In its best-known form, however, it’s the story of Belle De Jour, Luis Buñuel’s classic film from 1967.

Although sex rears its head in almost all of Buñuel’s works, the Spanish director isn’t one for simple titillation.

Si une fille vous intéresse et que vous avez désespérément envie qu'elle vous aime en retour, sachez qu'il existe certains moyens qui vous permettront d'éveiller son intérêt.

Mais par-dessus tout, restez vous-même et respectez-la pour ce qu'elle est.

Belle de Jour is a woman who's met men of every conceivable type.

She knows what they want, and how to give it to them.

She told her audience that government plans to restrict access to pornography sites, with parents having to “opt in” to allow the viewing of pornographic content, were doomed to failure.

“There is this danger of assuming that because people are concerned about the amount of porn and the type of porn that’s available, that it should be up to the government or the internet providers to step in and do something about it,” she said.

“What’s problematic about that, of course, is that everybody has different definitions of what they would consider too much or what they would consider offensive, so this kind of top-down approach to controlling the internet is destined to fail.