Holding the record for topping People magazine’s ‘100 most beautiful’ list (four times, at the last count), Julia’s distinctive looks – the tousled reddish hair and wide smile – are refreshingly ‘real’.

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A terrifying novel about internet dating, secret desires and a chilling serial killer. He knows where you are right now…When Amy receives an email from her older sister, Becky, announcing that she's off travelling and "don't try to find me", she is worried. Amy – who is recovering from an abusive relationship that has left her terrified of love – soon finds that Becky had started using online dating sites.

From bestselling authors Mark Edwards and Louise Voss. Aided by Becky's neighbour, Gary, Amy sets about tracking down the men her sister had dated, following a trail that leads her into the darkly seductive world of internet hook-ups.

The assumption many initially make – me included – is that the spur for her work might be the tragic loss, hidden in her past, of a child of her own.

But such an assumption would be wrong: the reality is less explicit and more complex than that.

Listen to and Download The One Big & Rich were kind of a funky type country duo. They had crazy songs that were in your face and telling you to ride a cowboy instead of a horse.

What really made the guys stand out as a for real country band was their number one hit song .

As a psychotherapist, Julia splits her working week between private sessions with grieving parents and an NHS post at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, where for more than 20 years she has been maternity and paediatric counsellor – a role she pioneered.

Through the hospital, and through Child Bereavement UK, the charity of which she is founder patron, she also trains doctors, midwives and other professionals how best to be the bearers of devastating news. There was something about her and something about me that just worked.

If you live in South Georgia, a Saturday night out on the tractor with your girl is probably not that far-fetched of what could be considered a good ‘date night.’ The song seems to be connecting already, so maybe tractors have always been romantic, and everybody just needed reminding.” Listen to and Download Big Green Tractor Gary Allan is a country music treasure.

While he doesn’t fit the standard country music guy he definitely has his own niche carved out.

In the Guinness Kensington home, life was fun but formal – the children resided largely in the nursery, where their mother would come up for tea ‘smelling gorgeous’ and they, in turn, would be taken down to meet guests, to whom they would curtsey.