That, it seems, is the implication of the answer that Hayley Atwell - Cap's war-time love Peggy Carter herself - gave when straight out asked by a fan at Boston Comic-Con: Did the pair ever consummate their relationship? I think Peggy as a woman in that male-dominated world, in that time, also was seen - because of her sex - as a disability, and so I think she resonated with him, and felt less alone.

So, there was a genuine affection for each other on a kind of heart level, and a respect level.

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(Warning - the following includes a whole lot of discussion about Captain America's sex life.

If that prospect makes you feel icky, the following few hundred words or so may not be for you...)So, here we are again.

The city attracts an eclectic array of beautiful bodies, and the nightlife is hard to beat.

All things considered, it's a great destination for hot days and even hotter nights.

Rachel Ann Hicks, 36, is being held on suspicion of child molestation and rape.

She allegedly befriended the teenager in an X-Box live chat room, according to investigators.The online relationship progressed to phone calls, texting, e-mails and sending sexually explicit images and movies between one another, said the sheriff's office.Hicks, from Lake Forest, California, told the boy she was 23 years old.She flew to Maryland and met him at his home where they had sex over the Thanksgiving holiday, said police.Shortly after, the boy's family discovered ‘romantic’ text messages on the boy's mobile phone and he confessed the truth.She used a fake name when communicating with the boy, but police tracked her down and served a search warrant on her home in Orange County on Friday. All the evidence collected will be forward to Hanford County Sheriff's Office in Maryland for their investigation.