Many of you guys who talked to me during those first few months, are still with us today and that speaks volumes about how we treat our callers, here at Your Desires.

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Working from home, they will talk and act out your wildest, deepest and darkest fantasies!

I know you have a secret that you’ve been keeping for some time now.

The girls will be skinny dipping in a pool and the man (who is their neighbor ) will come over and ask them to stop swimming naked because he finds it very offensive.

The girls get out of the pool and shove him into the water and then jump back in the pool and both girls take turns climbing onto his shoulders chicken-fight style and taunting him and forcing him to carry them around in the water.

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Our filthy and unshockable team of horny phone fuckers are ready and waiting to satisfy you - nothing is too 'weird', 'strange' or 'extreme'!

This meant being as real as possible, being interested in my guys, and sincerely enjoying what I was doing.

This philosophy was definitely the major reason for the success of Your Desires (Originally ‘Melanie and Friends’).

Meet the Head Master or Head Mistress or the Prefects who abuse their powers to administer their strict dicipline. Rules of membership When joining you must write an essay describing yourself or your roleplay character.

Add some pictures/drawings or movies to illustrate what you have written No common porn that can be found everywhere.

The guy is very offended and bags them to get off of him but they do not.