TL Age = Palaeodose (P) _____________ (ARD) TL samples may be collected in open ended or opaque PVC tubes approximately 12cm in length and 6cm in diameter.Whilst it advisable to protect the sample from direct sunlight there is no need to sample at night and the orientation of the specimen is not important.

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For the dating of Palaeolithic sites thermoluminescence (TL) has been widely used.

To establish the elapsed time since the last time the object, such as a flint, has been heated, dating by thermoluminescence is a useful tool.

"The chronological sequence of a major reference site for Neolithic periods in southeastern Europe and the Aegean, Dikili Tash (Macedonia, Greece), has been reassessed by TL.

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The sample is taken by introducing the tube into a freshly cleaned back surface; if this proves difficult a block may be cut from the unit of interest.