Located in Radcliffe, Manchester, Dynamics prides itself on accommodating a wide range of fitness goals ranging from slimming and physique toning to putting on mountains of muscle! Then look no further than Dynamics gym, a premier health and fitness establishment with over two decades worth of training experience.

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ABASIOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to people in or who use wheelchairs, casts, braces, or other orthopedic fixtures.

ABRASION: Any form of sensation play involving stroking or brushing the skin with rough, textured objects such as sandpaper, emery boards, and the like.

Improve Your Bench Press With Perfect Push-Up Form First and foremost, the Push-Up is considered a closed kinematic chain movement.

This type of movement requires the extremities (in this case, the two hands) to be in contact with the ground and in a fixed position throughout the exercise.

Our Ladies Only section features the same great equipment found in the rest of our gym but in a more private, enclosed training environment.

In addition, Dynamics boasts a dedicated boxing gym complete with a full size ring and all associated training equipment.

With a massive, air conditioned workout space filled with top of the line recently refurbished training equipment, Dynamics also features luxury onsite changing and shower facilities, complementary Wi-Fi, multiple 40” LCD TV’s and a powerful sound system to guarantee a robust and immersive training experience in a friendly and upbeat atmosphere!

We’re also proud to feature an exclusive Ladies Only gym to cater for those ladies preferring to train alone with family or friends.

Pin both hands to the floor with the ends of the band in your palms and perform pushups.