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In Germany, Koppel's father had operated a tire manufacturing company.

To help the British economy, the Home Secretary invited him and his wife to relocate his factory to Lancashire, England, where he was promised that their safety would be protected in the event of war.

"I'm in a relationship with Jonathan, and I'm in a relationship with Ray." They call it polyamory.

"There's a squash." Reporter: Carrie Jenkins is very married. More potatoes." Reporter: But she's getting ready to spend Saturday night with her boyfriend. "Hi I'm Carrie, and this is my husband Jonathan, and this is my boyfriend Ray." Reporter: We'd say he's got a pretty, good, idea.

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Koppel is currently a special contributor to CBS News Sunday Morning.

His career as foreign and diplomatic correspondent earned him numerous awards, including nine Overseas Press Club awards and twenty-five Emmy Awards.

Five years after its 1980 debut the show had a nightly audience of some seven and a half million viewers.