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Hard disks inevitably fill up over time, and a higher capacity drive just means that you’ll find more ways to fill it.

These days it’s possible to buy a Mac Book Pro with a 750 GB hard disk, but even that can fill quickly if you have lots of media such as movies, music and photos.

The Open University is rated one of the best in the UK for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey.

The OU is one of only four UK universities to have consistently achieved more than 90% in the survey’s history.

Second, it’s still fair to say that most superhero films are not that good. The niche just lacks the pedigree of its fellow movie genres.

Though superhero comic books may have started to make a dint in popular culture 75 years ago (give or take), technology only crossed over from hindrance to enabling force in the last 20 years or so.

To be considered for this list, a film must possess at least two of the following three qualities: 1) It must involve costumed shenanigans, 2) It must involve a superpowered protagonist and/or 3) the protagonist must exist in a world where the supernatural/extraordinary is demonstrably present.

These criteria are why meta-commentary films like Kick-Ass and Super are not on this list.

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